RI wedding music

RI wedding music is a specialty of the band Gypsy Nights, which focuses on gypsy jazz, which is also known as Manouche and Hot Club.

Having a live musician can make your wedding a really special event. There is nothing like getting to experience a performance first hand. It is best to get a person or group which will play styles that both you and your guests can enjoy.

Gypsy jazz is a style that is both enjoyable to listen to as well as being great for dancing. Started by Django Reinhardt, it is a combination of 1930's American swing, French dance hall "musette", and gypsy fiddle. The style is considered languid and seductive, while being characterized for its quirky cadences and driving rhythms. The main instruments used are nylon stringed guitars, stand up bass, violins, bass violins, and occassionally a clarinet. The guitars are the primary instrument while the other instruments are non essential for the style.

Are you looking to hire a musician for your wedding ceremony or reception (or another type of function)? If so, there are some things you should know ahead of time. First, you should listen to the musicians you are considering. It is best if you are able to go to a performance or another event to hear them play because you might find discrepancies between their recordings and live performances. Secondly, you should ask them some questions before you hire them. These questions can include some of the following.

• How long have you been performing? If the musician in question is part of a group, find out how long that group has been together as well as how long each participant has been performing separately.
• What sort of venues have you previously performed at? How many weddings have you performed at?
• Are you able to play the selections I want? If not, are you willing to learn them?
• How will you (or the group) dress?
• How many breaks will you take? How long will those breaks be?
• If you take breaks, do you provide entertainment during the breaks?
• What is your hourly fee? Overtime fee?
• Are there any extra costs that are not included in your quoted fee?
• What is your payment schedule and cancellation policy?

Django Reinhardt created the Manouche style for guitar while he was recovering from burns he received in a fire which left him with only two fingers on his left hand that he could use for fingering. It is amazing that he was able to overcome this hardship and succeed as a guitarist.

Gypsy Nights also can be booked for your party, restaurant, or other function.

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