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Dental supplies at Mackie X-ray are similar to the products listed below.

T2 Developer is a premium high activity developer formulated for all general and specialized radiographic films. T2 Developer is a clean working developer with excellent resistance to aerial oxidation, and is unequalled for sensitometric stability.
• Works with all R&F, Ultrasound, Angio, and laser films.
• Compatible with Agfa, CEA, DuPont/Sterling, Fuji, Kodak, Konica, and 3M films.

T2 Fixer is a premium quality rapid fixer which provides superior clearing and drying with all x-ray films. It contains a proprietary surfactant which acts as a chemical blanket to greatly decrease fumes by reducing vapor pressure without compromising drying capacity or sulfite level. T2 Fixer is a clean working formula compatible with in-line electrolytic silver recovery units.
• Reduces maintenance costs due to "fixer buildup".
• Compatible with all radiographic films, cine films, and x-ray developers.

XRM is a high contrast, half speed film rendering exceptional clarity and can be used with all examinations. The emulsion of XRM is coated on a 7-mil, blue-tinted polyester base, and has a protective coat to provide maximum protection against scratches and abrasions. The soft, blue tint evenly filters the harsh fluorescent illuminator light, while providing outstanding clarity.

XRO is a high contrast, orthochromatic film designed for general radiography using green emitting intensifying screens. The high contrast of XRO enhances image sharpness with high resolution for general radiography and special procedures. XRO film is equivalent to Kodak T-MAT-G and Kodak Ektavision G as well as AGFA Radiomat-SG.

High contrast, blue sensitive medical x-ray film for use with blue emitting intensifying screens. XRB is ideally suited for use in general radiographic procedures with calcium tungstate or rare earth blue intensifying screens. The low base plus fog and evenly dispersed silver halide crystals provides excellent high contrast and fine structured imaging. XRB is equivalent to Kodak RP, Kodak DF-75, and Kodak DF-76, as well as AGFA Radiomat-B.

RX-Dup Duplicating film is a high-fidelity film designed for use with UV and white light sources. The emulsion is formulated to produce high quality duplicates by using an anti-halation opposing side coating and a wide range of density capabilities. RX-Dup is equivalent to Kodak X-OMAT DUP, as well as AGFA Radiomat Duplicating and AGFA Radiomat-DUP.

You should make sure to regulate your solution temperatures to get the best quality possible for your films. You should be aware that water requirements vary among processors. Most processors need only cold water, a few need tempered water, and some need no water at all. If possible, it is best to have some kind of temperature adjustment control for the incoming water. You should also provide for constant water flow in the wash compartment during film processing. Automatic non-roller type processors need to have their water changed daily to avoid stagnation.

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dental supplies discount x-ray film dentists supply Mackie xray